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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  June 16, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"france 24" newsroom, it is one p.m. here in paris. headlines at this hour, western embassies are ordered to evacuate the iraqi capital despite assurances that their forces are repelling the rebel offensive. in ukraine they have carried out mass killings. the palestinian president condemns the abduction of three israeli teenagers that went missing in the west bank four days ago. israel said that they were taken by hamas. russia shuts off the gas. that is according to ukraine, just after the deadline in which they would have to pay, we get
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an update from our correspondents. ♪ >> i will be with you for the next hour of news. coming up in the program, france, making the grade in their world cup a view. big in thecoring passing role on argentina's 2-1 victory. oncean antonio spurs are again nba champions. tony parker and tim duncan defeated the defending title for -- titleholders. we will have that and more in our sports update. but first, embassy evacuations and possible u.s. iran
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cooperation. leaders are scrambling for ways to confront the ongoing military offensive in iraq. western embassies began evacuating staff from baghdad despite the government's claim that they were repelling the assault. from isis they say they have killed scores of iraqi soldiers as they advance on the capital. the group released photos reportedly documenting the massacres. the exact number of those killed has not yet confirmed. thomas waterhouse has more. by theh video released iraqi defense ministry shows the latest missile attacks on buildings and vehicles believed to be harboring jihadist's who made sweeping territorial gains across the north last week. sunday in front of hundreds of troops, punching the air and chanting their loyalty, the prime minister stressed that the counteroffensive was working.
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>> we have regained the initiative and are advancing to defeat them. with you and your brothers in the armed forces, with all those who stood by the will of the iraqi people. >> small pockets have been recaptured, but confusion reigns about the actual gains being made. iraqi troops and tribesmen have rushed back following heavy fighting. residents there told one news agency that the militants won the battle and are now very much in control. was a further, bitter setback for the armed forces when these photographs were released, reportedly showing the massacre of troops by insurgents, leading to international condemnation as western embassies began evacuating staff from baghdad and as washington and iran consider working together to resolve the crisis. advance threatens to
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tear apart a rack and destabilize the region. hastop shiite cleric prompted the emergence of militias there. this could lead to an increase in sectarian violence. neighboring iran has offered to send in troops, a move rejected by washington. the security situation has led iran and the u.s. to seek common ground. to eye onn't see i many issues, but the united states and iran share a strong interest in keeping a stable iraqi. their common enemy, isis, is threatening to overrun the country. >> if the iraqi government seeks assistance from us, we will consider it. to provide support in accordance with international law. he left the door open for possible collaboration on fighting the insurgency, the
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glaring that if the obama administration decided to take a direct role, that they would think about it. iranian troops being sent to a rack over the weekend, experts said -- >> if they push too far, too fast, they will come up against iranian intervention. neither of those sides are going to back down like the iraqis did. >> washington has so far ruled out sending troops into iraq, but they have repositioned their aircraft carrier and other ships carrying tomahawk with -- tomahawk missiles. obama is under pressure from opposition lawmakers to act. if the iraqi government cannot keep the country together, intervention may be needed. >> moving onto to other world news, the pakistani taliban has warned foreign companies in the
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country to leave and that if they do not, they will lose. this comes one day after islamabad launched an offensive against the militants. the ongoing army offensive targets local and foreign fighters who use the region as a base. the area is essentially lawless, with little to no government control. kenyanck now on the coast has left 48 people dead. gunmen reportedly launched an assault overnight, setting two hotels on fire,'s writing -- spraying bullets into the street. it is a popular tourist destination and cafés and bars were busy with football fans watching the world cup. burned-out buildings smoldered, bodies were strewn across the streets. just the night before many of them had been out watching the world cup when heavily armed attackers strolled into their town.
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after storming a police station, the men began spraying bullets at random. it was not until dawn that security forces gave the all clear. >> i hear from soldiers that they are all better down. all of the local officers had taken ambush on every corner. >> here at the hotel a witness said the gunman ordered the women to watch as they killed the men, telling them that this is what kenyan troops were doing in somalia. around 100 kilometers from the somali border, but there has been no official claim for the attack. they said the men were flying the shabbat flag and shouting in somalia and. they carried out a string of
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attacks in kenya, including the one at westgate mall last september in which some 67 people were killed. >> a young palestinian man has been killed as israeli security forces step up their efforts to find three israeli teenagers missing since last thursday. the 20-year-old was killed today by army gunfire and violence broke out as soldiers carried out house to house searches of a refugee camp. none yahoo! has directly accused hamas of being behind the wenappings. for more on this have are correspondent standing by in jerusalem with the latest. a rare phonee saw call between israeli and palestinian leaders. what more can you tell us? >> it has been months since the palestinian president and israeli prime minister have spoken together.
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this is apparently a shift in the netanyahu policy. we saw him on friday attacking, saying that he is responsible for the lives of those who .erpetrated this kidnapping today comes this phone call in which he is asking for help in tracking down and catching the perpetrators as they are retrieving the three kidnapped. at the same time we also hear the palestinian president coming out with a statement in which he condemns the kidnappings. at the same time he also condemns the killing at the refugee camps. he also condemned the other israeli activities in the west bank. more important is the fact that he is condemning this kidnapping. course, this kidnapping has increased concerns over
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possible crackdowns against thomas. what is the latest on the ground there? >> i can tell you that this is takingeration place throughout the west bank with thousands of soldiers and most of the focus is in the southern part of the west bank. that is where the three teenagers were kidnapped. >> it appears we have unfortunately lost our feed there from jerusalem. we will of coarse bring you more on that story as it comes in. the deadline has passed for ukraine to pay its russian gas bill. failedht in moscow they to agree on the price of future deliveries. the deal was needed in order to secure a post in ukraine to safeguard ongoing supplies for the european union. sebastian rivera is in kiev and tells us more about the cut off of the gas. ukraine, theto
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energy supplying has come to a. . the amount of gas that has shifted to european countries through ukraine, this has to be a concern because the company had announced their own difficulties. probability,y high from now on in the payment system the difficulty here is that russia and ukraine have not agreed on the import of russian gas. price they doe not want to rearm. even if there is import it would be less than what you would expect. so, for now ukraine has some reserves for the market, and, there is less need for heating.
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we will see what the situation is going to result in. for now we cannot stop the risk of shortages for the winter to come. >> colombia has reelected there incumbent president. garnering almost 51% of the vote in the last election held on sunday. his right-wing rival trailed he had% of the vote, staked his reputation on securing a peace deal with the country's rebels. out to bring peace to the country, telling rebels that his victory shows that voters demanded an end to the five decades of war. longest french rail strike in years, they have walked off the job for a six the day now. her testing against the emerging reforms. train schedules are still disrupted.
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it comes as high school students are taking their final exams, giving them one more thing to worry about. take a look. >> it is a stressful day for school leaders. the beginning of exam. tests makingt the them anxious. it is also the journey to take them. she lives in a small village, miles from her school. she is not sure how she is going to get there. selfish not to face the consequences, especially for those who live far away, like me. >> they have had to make special allowances. normally students would be penalized for lateness. as the strike continues, there is more leniency. >> we have been instructed to tolerate up to one hours lateness. those students in the situation will have time to prepare on arrival and their exam will be
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consequently pushed back. >> they have defended their decision to keep striking. staff fears government reform leading to job losses, they say they are doing their best to help the students make it to exams. >> we are running special trains for students with exams. we are doing everything to make sure they get there. we have also given people advanced warning so that they can make plans. >> agents are handing out 150,000 priority passes to those who can prove they have exams to get to. frustratedrdes of commuters filling the station, they may be hard to spot. >> this just coming into the ncs in france says the strike will go on for a further 24 hours from today. in other news, former formula one race car driver, michael
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schumacher, is no longer in a coma. the statement released by his spokesperson says the 45-year-old left the french hospital where he had received treatment for his skiing accident late in december of last year. according to the statement, schumacher is to continue his next phase of rehabilitation. however, the statement did not specify exactly the current state of health that schumacher is in. just saying once again that he is out of a coma. the hour. past let's get our check on the headlines. western embassies have been ordered to evacuate in baghdad despite assurances that government forces are repelling the rebel offensive. militants claim they have carried out mass killings. president hasn begun -- has addressed the abduction of three israeli teens in the west, claiming they were kidnapped by hamas.
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,ussia shuts off the gas according to ukraine, after the deadline passed for them to pay their bill to moscow. >> technology was used for the first time in a world cup, helping them make their group b campaign. if they shot that off the boat, it would not cross but theoal line, honduras keeper pushed it over the line by centimeters. they came from behind to beat ecuador in brasilia. former player of the year scored the win in their campaign with a narrow win over bosnia. after that game on sunday, monday sees iran and nigeria meeting the other group over
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there current. another world cup favorite, germany, kick off campaign against portugal. the three-time winners have not won the world cup in 20 years, but the regulars having reached the semi final in the last three tournament's, their first assignment in salvador is a tough one, against the portuguese. >> the team to are most likely to compete for the title are, of course, all the strong teams, with their own individuality. portugal is now playing germany. that is the second in world rankings against the four-seam. i think that each game is very important for us. i repeat, if we defend well, if we use opportunities in our attacks, then i believe we have a very, very good chance to go very far in this tournament.
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chris chana renaldo is likely to start in portugal while germany has a goalkeeper available. the goal for martin brought his second victory on sunday's final round of the u.s. open. the 29-year-old german one the 2010 championship, leading for the first round of the one under par with a final-round 69 victory at pinehurst in north carolina. the san antonio spurs are the new nba champions in basketball. beaten by miami last year, the spurs emphatically ended their two-year nba rain with a 104-87 victory in texas, giving san antonio a four to one win in the best-of-seven series. roger federer has once again to clinch itsvent
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seventh title in germantown, having lost by 50 matches here. the fact that he came up against alejandra in sunday's final, who had played his first ever final, played into his victory. the 32-year-old had an opportunity to serve and responded by pushing him into a tie-break. the 17 time grand slam winner won five straight points. year to a tie-break, last it was one minute under one hour and a half, again critical for the columbian, winning seven points to three as he started his preparations in perfect fashion for wimbledon. the grand slam had also won a record of seven times. andrew to lansky has one today, upsetting the favorites after a brilliant piece of writing. the miami born rider was part of a 23 man breakaway group that
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formed on the first climb of the 160 kilometer run the portugal. the u.s. leader was more concerned about his main rivals then the escapees. free from to wriggle the tour de france winner that was unable to stay on his heels. a great chance for the winner himself, starting to up the tempo. snapping off the front, they stately to secure the final stage when over the line just seconds later. this was all about the condor getting the game wrong, should have followed the american rather than the britt, reveling in the biggest win of his career. >> everything you sacrifice, every bad moment, everything that goes wrong, just one moment
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like this makes you forget about all of it. this is why we do this, for moments like today. front, we went up to rider, he was on the front of the breakaway all day, sacrificing himself for me. it was a perfect situation, you know? we did not know if he would work, but we saw the opportunity and had to try. >> a great opportunity there, brooke completed the podium. a test of endurance and not just speed after the german marvel in the 24-hour sports car race on sunday, without a car high on the grid, audi battled through the night with a factory player to take first and second place. >> that was the latest sports. we are going now to the moroccan coast. here the world music festival
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has been taking place. jazz played a big role in this year's festival. sahara they took international music and reinterpreted it, giving it a new artistic spin. take a listen. >> they escaped their scorching summer heat. walls. pool with ancient this is where the festival attracted thousands every year. . meeting point the world over a resplendent international destination. >> we are lucky. the general public is lucky to have a great master here. lockwood in his great master played the modern rates.
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even playing different types of salsa music and be a challenge. i >> we realize how easy it could be to play the complex is difficult. but it is actually quite natural. in europe we are rather stiff with our bodies. this is something organic. >> jazz makes us avoid. mixing jazz with our music has a certain sound. jazz has an ability to for reagan to traditional music. jazz has a tendency to openness.
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>> the mixture of sound meets a blend at certain points. >> it is really a love of music. similar to jazz. here at the festival they move into the big names of jazz. excitement and fusion, this is world music resonating. >> it is properly amazing. it is every year.
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>> the type of world in which our ancestors lived for hundreds of thousands of years, women would probably have 4 to 6 children in a lifetime. half those children would die before they could reproduce, so the only thing we can be sure about in human population studies is that for the last 100,000 years, people on average had 2 children to succeed them, although we were in a population explosion 1,000 years ago. >> in just the last nanosecond


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